OOO "South biofuel company" produces and sells a product like - Organic solvents UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL "solvent" grades A, B, C, D.

Organic solvents UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL "solvent" grade A meets  ТU U 20.3-39074766-020:2016.

You can get acquainted with the quality parameters of the given solvent:


Solvents in Latin, is important - "solvent" is a mixture of substances such as aromatic hydrocarbons, - which it contains about 56%; unsaturated cyclic hydrocarbons - are composed of a mixture of about 44%; and - naphthenic and paraffin.

Solvent - liquid transparent color, is sometimes slightly yellow. It has an odor. Easy does. When using it must must strictly observe precautions and must use personal protective equipment.

СОЛЬВЕНТOverall solvent used as a solvent for dissolving:

- colors;

- oils;

- bitumen;

- varnishes;

- rubbers;

- mochevino- and melamine formaldehyde oligomers;

- terephthalic acid polyesters;

- poliefiramidov and poliefirimidov;

- melamynoalkydnыe, silicon, phenol, styrolovyh for alkyd, acrylic, urethane alkyd for, epoksyefirnyh paint and other materials.

Solvents used not only as a solvent. But for degreasing surfaces. And to destroy harmful insects. And advertising printing when printing on banners, self-adhesive tape, construction net.

Solvents as a Basis detergents, used to dissolve the hard deposits and clean fuel system.