Оксигенат  біологічний

Oxygenates Biology - component mixtures with gasoline, intended for the manufacture of mixed gasoline and alternative liquid fuels for internal combustion engines with spark ignition.

The main consumers of oxygenates are fuel and energy complex.

Therefore offers manufacturers of our new product - bio-oxygenates components for mixture with gasoline, which is produced at the facilities of SE "Gaysinskiy distillery" according to TU 20.5-37199618-009: 2012 and ensures the stability of physical and chemical parameters and safety parameters.

Oxygenates is a biotechnical products, which are prepared by dehydration multi mixtures of volatile metabolites peculiar to Biochemistry of alcoholic fermentation (monohydric alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones and other related compounds) enriched compounds chemical reactions of selective involvement of the aforementioned metabolites at the intermediate stage of obtaining brazhnoho distillate and stabilized (carbohydrate) additives to obtain the final stage of commodity production.

The mixture metabolites are microbiological synthesis using a nutrient medium in non-traditional types of energy (vuhlevodvmisnoyi) plant materials and other by-products of sugar.

Oxygenates, oxygen-containing organic compound that can be used as a fuel or fuel additive, such as different alcohols and ethers.