Biofuels are produced with advanced biofuel production technology

Production and biofuel market in Ukraine is only beginning to develop, but already shows good results. Ukraine has significant potential in renewable energy. According to the latest data of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation, technically achievable energy potential of renewable sources is 98 million tons of fuel per year, including bioenergy - 31 MT, wind energy - 28 MT, solar energy - 6 MT. This is more than 40% of the total energy balance of the country. The advantage of biomass is its renewable nature and relatively cheap cost compared with traditional fuel. Price of renewable energy is from 3 to 17 times lower than the natural, used in industry and in public sector.

Biofuel sorts
Biofuel can be solid, liquid and gaseous.
Solid - is traditional wood (wood waste often) or wood pallets (small pressed wood residues).
Liquid Biofuel – meths for gas engine (methanol, ethanol, butanol), ethers, biodiesel and bio heating oil.
Gaseous Biofuel - various gas mixtures of carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen obtained in the thermal decomposition of raw materials in the presence of oxygen (gasification) without oxygen (pyrolysis) or fermentation by bacteria. 


We offer you information on the types of liquid biofuel, which production handles our company.

It is considered the most promising renewable fuel. Till present the main source of ethanol is sugar cane and grain crops, such as wheat and corn. Ethanol is used in large scale in some European countries, and it will be one of the dominant reproduced fuels in the transport sector for the next 20 years. It can be added to gasoline or used alone in specially adapted engines. Moreover, it is good fuel for future multi-fuel "hybrid" vehicles.
Use of waste products, biomass, waste wood industry and crops of large biomass will substantially reduce prices for biofuel production.

Biodiesel - fuel based on fats of animal, having plants and microbial origin, and products of their etherification.
For biodiesel production, vegetable or animal fats are used. The raw material may be rape, soybean, palm, coconut oil or any other oil raw, and food industry wastes.