Glass Cleaner Kherson

«SOUTHERN BIOFUEL COMPANY» LLC started production of universal cleaners for glass, intended for four-seasons use. Cleaning remedies, made for different freezing point, are used in the winter, - as a means of de-icing, to remove ice, snow and road dirt on the windscreen of cars and improve visibility. Summer cleaner - used in the summer - as a means to clean the glass from dust, road dirt and insects traces.      

  Among our main consumers of products are motor transport enterprises, customer services, owners of motor vehicles and commercial enterprises. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Vinnytska oblast, Gaysin, vulytsia Plekhanova 28.            

 Glass Cleaner Kherson – good at cleaning and removing dirt, perfectly separates oil film pollution from the glass surfaces. Does not contain phosphates. Biologically convertible.                      
Cleans in the best way and provides stable gloss of glass. It has a high resistance to detergents and provides fast water drops rolling.
Cleans and gives shining to glass, mirror, chrome surfaces, stainless steel and other hard shiny surfaces.   

 Depending on the chilling temperature we produce the following range of Cleaners:

  • Winter cleaner for 400 С below zero;
  • Winter cleaner for 300 С below zero;
  • Winter cleaner for  200 С below zero;
  • Winter cleaner for 150 С below zero;
  • Summer cleaner.


Glass Cleaner Kherson          
   Glass Cleaner Kherson  
           Glass Cleaner Kherson