"SOUTHERN BIOFUEL COMPANY" LLC - is one of the first companies in Ukraine, which began the production of such products as hydrate and corrosion inhibitors, alternative motor fuel constituent; cleaning substance for glass in industrial-scale volumes. In addition to these products, it is working actively on the production and introduction of new goods that would help raise the country's economy to a higher level and managed to be modern, competitive and cost efficient.


"SOUTHERN BIOFUEL COMPANY" LLC works closely with many Ukrainian state alcohol plants and leading design institutes, fuel-power and oil industry enterprises, with modernization of old industrial facilities, providing work for people and filling the state budget, actively carries out researches and introduces new technologies. Thus, one of its main strategic partners is the  SE "GAYSIN DISTILLING PLANT" - on the basis of which advanced technologies are implemented, old buildings are reconstructed, new equipment are mounted, existing production is modernized. In recent years, thanks to cooperation of "SOUTHERN BIOFUEL COMPANY" LLC and SE "GAYSIN DISTILLING PLANT" there significantly increased production of alternative fuel, started production of hydrate and corrosion inhibitors, organic solutions.      

Our country is significantly dependent on energy imports and, at the same time, with its powerful potential and limitless agricultural complex, does not use the full opportunities for the production of advanced fuel products, including biofuel, - so, the rate of our bioenergy development is significantly behind European or American.    

Biofuel in Ukraine today is considered as a valid alternative to traditional fuel. Production of finished product is much more profitable for Ukraine than export of raw materials. Meanwhile, according to the United Nations Organization, the share of renewable energy in the global energy balance in 2050 could reach 50 percent. According to expert estimates, Ukraine has the potential to bring ethanol production up to 2020 to 8.9 million tons, which can provide not only a complete replacement of annual gasoline volumes, but also its exporting. Precisely biofuel is a major factor of environment rescue, which throughout suffers from excessive industrialization. Global warming, record high temperatures - this is a clear signal that we must move to alternative energy sources. So, let’s take care of our country future!   

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